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PRESS RELEASES: The Little (but Still Great) Equalizer

small-businessBudgets, by nature, limit marketing initiatives. In austere economic climates, efforts to promote one’s products and services are often set aside when growth is still possible. When business picks up, it can be difficult to reinvigorate past ideas that continue to bear the mark of unnecessary expenditure. As a result, larger companies with greater positive working capital gain an even stronger foothold in their respective industries.

That is why business marketers can never ignore press releases. These low cost marketing tools allow small and mid-sized companies to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with larger competitors. When written well and distributed often and effectively, they can even push companies with tighter budgets in front, especially with the help of Internet search engines. Simply put, one should never ignore an aggressive press release program because they are exceedingly affordable. They are the first tools that every marketer, large or small, should have in their toolbox.

Are there other affordable tools that work as well? Indeed. The concept of Content Marketing is a close relative which involves sharing a wide variety of media with a number of different types of publishers in order to acquire and retain customers. Short videos, for example, can be spread throughout social media and in other online publications. Sometimes they can even go viral, giving a jolt to your company’s visibility and paying for themselves many times over.

There are many low-cost methods of advertising one’s products and services, and choosing which ones are right for your company requires an in-depth understanding of one’s customers, markets and industries. But make no mistake, press releases are for everyone, everywhere, every time.

For more info on this valuable marketing tool, check out this September ’14 post by SMS veteran rep, Rod Fisher.


An Important Marketing Message for 2015

wiifmblogEach year, many of us promise that this year will be different and that we have lots of things planned.  Hopefully, many of them will come to fruition and be as successful as hoped, but some will likely not see the light of day for a variety of reasons.

But on one important thing all marketers seem to be in agreement…the message conveyed must be compelling and easy to understand.

With this in mind, I’d like to share a message that we at SMS always strive to work into our campaigns, ads, heads, and copy.  It’s a very simple message that can easily get lost, but we believe it is the single most important message in successful marketing and advertising.

In any-and every- successful marketing strategy, it is essential to answer this question:

What’s in it for me?

Fail to answer that question, and you risk talking to yourself about your self.  If your aim is to get prospects and/or clients to take any action, answer that question for them, and you will be on the right track to success.

So in 2015, and beyond, keep this important message in mind and watch your success rate climb.
Happy New Year!

Bob Norton
Scientific Marketing Services

The SMS “Back-Up” Plan…

Tetrabyte-Managed-Remote-Backup-300x225We’ve all been there, and it’s terrifying: you arrive at work, place your coffee on your desk, make the computer chime, watch the screen glow to life, open your email…and notice your server is down. The morning that was supposed to be about answering important inquiries from valued clients has suddenly become one of frantic phone calls and unsatisfying answers.

SMS hosts a number of company websites and we take great care in protecting their up time. Unfortunately, circumstances aren’t always in our hands. Still we want to make those phone calls far more pleasant. We want to give you the only answer you want to hear: “We’ll have you back up before you know it.”

The SMS “Back-Up” Plan is simple: for no extra charge we’re adding precious value to our hosting services in the form of a second, separate back-up server. That’s an extra 100% assurance that your business communications will suffer only the barest minimum of interruption due to unforeseen server stoppages. That means a hot coffee that won’t go cold while you’re on the line.

The SMS “Back Up” Plan gets you back up before you know it. We work hard to keep our hosting costs reasonable, and this no-charge back-up is just another way to add more value to our service.