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FOR RELEASE: SMS Creates :30 Spot for OCPVA

about_imageSMS, the South Jersey based Advertising/Marketing Agency, has completed a 30-second commercial that features the wines of the Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard Association.
The spot is the first of several video projects that will call attention to the favorable soils and weather conditions of the Central/South New Jersey Area for wine production, and will be followed by a longer, more detailed, spot that will be used by member vineyards in their promotional efforts, as well as by the association to focus attention on the medal winning wines of the more than thirty vineyards and bonded wineries in their membership.

The organization website details the organization, its purposes, membership, and a recent special wine blend, Coeur d’Est, that is representative of the high quality wines being produced by OCPVA members.

See the spot below.

Keeping the Act Moving

youtube-viral-video-campaignA recent article in the online Houston Business Journal cites statistics to prove something many marketers are learning every day: video content on your website increases sales.

“Recent research has noted that adding videos to a website can increase visibility on Google, leading to higher page rankings and, subsequently, more visitors to a site.”

Here at SMS, we’ve seen a rise in requests for brief, content specific video presentations that spend less time sharing general information about the company they represent – a traditional approach prior to the Internet age – and more time highlighting specific sales messages. Background and historical information can now be found on dedicated website pages, leaving videos to do what they do best: demonstrating product operation and corresponding innovative concepts.

“Videos are the next best thing to personal relationships in terms of engagement and message sharing,” says veteran producer Scott Norton. “Sometimes they’re even better. A video can be played multiple times at the customer’s convenience and never leaves anything out. They’re also great conversation starters because they cover many basics and allow for engagements to grow in directions that more interest the customer.”

Norton predicts that the speed of production and increased affordability of shorter, more specific presentations will dominate a company’s online presence until the primary source of most company information will be supplied by a shared video link. “The growth in technology allows for a variety of professional-looking presentations, from quick interviews to slick graphics presentations that communicate everything from finely-targeted product information for carefully identified markets to fun and casual shorts like trade-show clips and corporate function footage. We’re already seeing the average consumer sharing video on their phones and tablets everyday, so they’ll be expecting the businesses they interact with to do the same –  albeit with better production values and possibly fewer cats.”

Not sure about the cats, but for more from HBJ’s article, click here.

How We Did it: Rutgers Food Innovation Center Video Presentations

883527_636366059710058_126992323_oThe Client: The Food Innovation Center is a unique business incubation and economic development accelerator program, which is part of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The Center provides business and technology expertise to startup and established food and value-added agriculture businesses in New Jersey and the surrounding region, and they utilize their outreach capacity to reach the food industry throughout the world.

The Project: With a restricted budget, the FIC wanted to promote their core services and their Farm-to-School program which is a statewide nonprofit that works with schools, students, parents, state agencies, other nonprofits, farmers, produce distributors and communities to change the food system choices in New Jersey schools through school garden education promotion and local purchasing. The first shoot was scheduled for early September and a deadline of October 29th, 2014 was set for a key presentation to celebrate their agricultural sector award at the Annual Bridgeton Area Chamber of Commerce Salute to Business and Industry Awards ceremony.

The Approach: The SMS Media Center understood that much of the footage would be collected from the center’s location in Bridgeton, NJ, as well as cooperating farms and processing plants within the region. However, due to a decision to break the project into two distinct videos, it was important to capture images at all locations that could serve both. The script would follow once all shoots were completed in order to best match what would be shown, and specific interviews would be used as both on-camera content and resources for the outline. From a production standpoint, single camera shoots were selected for all locations due to the ease and speed of single setups. Since the majority of footage would be captured in live process of the selected activities covered, careful attention would be required to stay invisible and get the shots “first time”. Natural light was to be the main source of illumination at all locations, with soft boxes used mainly for lighting interview subjects. All footage would be shot in HDV with lavalier mics for audio recording.

The Result: Through the careful coordination of several shoots lasting only a few hours each, enough footage was collected to write the script for both videos and begin editing. The efficiency of the shoot schedule left room in the budget for several stock footage clips that added dramatic production value and both videos were completed on time and extremely well received.

Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC)

Farm-to-School Program

Video and Animation: Priced to Move

old-improvedSMS has re-structured some of our video and animation pricing to reflect the many new ways videos are seen and used in today’s markets. Producing a video today requires a far more flexible approach to collecting images and arranging them for viewing on multiple platforms of presentation. Due to improvements in affordable image manipulation and the increasing breadth of Internet viewing experiences, wider production value ranges are becoming usable for company marketing initiatives. As a result, the cost to get your message moving puts a smaller dent in your budget.

For example, the company literature photos and existing footage sitting somewhere in a back closet can often be dusted off and used again. As well, new life can be breathed into photos and footage captured to document an application installation or instructional seminar by cleaning them up and animating them around the screen. Another example would be short clips or “spots” that use a cocktail of new and “old” imagery to promote products and services on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. With the right hands on the right tools, anything previously created can be polished afresh to fit the right presentation.

By taking this approach, more of our clients will be able to use video on their web sites to enhance and support their company’s key selling messages and showcase their strengths and capabilities. As always, adding video improves website visitor impressions by making them influential and lasting, leading to stronger customer relationships.