Press PLAY, but Keep it Short

Online video graphicShort web videos are inexpensive marketing tools that attract and keep more visitors, and are often used to quickly illustrate and/or demonstrate special features and benefits of a product or products. Produced with live footage, existing still imagery, clever graphics, 3-D animation – alone or in combination – they get your website moving and offer an important up-grade to your corporate image.

One of the SMS SmartTools focusing on this area are the SMS VidiShorts™. They’ve been reported to offer key benefits such as increased conversion rates (50-75%), more views (75-100%), higher click-through rates (by 30%), and significant boosts in search engine rankings. Used in conjunction with a well-built social media network, they can also increase views and shares while collecting valuable feedback.

In short, VidiShorts™ are highly affordable website traffic builders. The below example is one of the videos produced for client Heyco Products, Inc. utilizing an animation of their company mascot “LT Heyco”.

About S. Norton

Writer, marketer, musician.

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