Video and Animation: Priced to Move

old-improvedSMS has re-structured some of our video and animation pricing to reflect the many new ways videos are seen and used in today’s markets. Producing a video today requires a far more flexible approach to collecting images and arranging them for viewing on multiple platforms of presentation. Due to improvements in affordable image manipulation and the increasing breadth of Internet viewing experiences, wider production value ranges are becoming usable for company marketing initiatives. As a result, the cost to get your message moving puts a smaller dent in your budget.

For example, the company literature photos and existing footage sitting somewhere in a back closet can often be dusted off and used again. As well, new life can be breathed into photos and footage captured to document an application installation or instructional seminar by cleaning them up and animating them around the screen. Another example would be short clips or “spots” that use a cocktail of new and “old” imagery to promote products and services on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. With the right hands on the right tools, anything previously created can be polished afresh to fit the right presentation.

By taking this approach, more of our clients will be able to use video on their web sites to enhance and support their company’s key selling messages and showcase their strengths and capabilities. As always, adding video improves website visitor impressions by making them influential and lasting, leading to stronger customer relationships.

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